6:21pm April 17, 2014



i’m too exhausted to unpack this but ok the idea that punk (or anything, this applies to all aesthetics) has become watered down because it’s all about the look or fashion

okay, you’re right the ideology is more important but if you think punk wasn’t about fashion during its 1970’s conception then you’re very wrong, and also fashion is ideology, fashion is culture, fashion is a performance of identity. don’t dismiss fashion. 

fashion is also function. like i’m reading this book about east bay punk and the first time they saw studded bracelets was this kid, who would make them himself, and he would sharpen the studs to beat people up in the pit.

or like, let’s talk about why doc martens are considered the punk’s shoe of choice. it’s a workboot, at the end of the day, it is a workboot. they’re designed to last. they’re designed for people who stand for hours at a time and they (usually) have steel enforced toes. leather can take a fucking beating: punk is a working class movement, the clothes are things that will last

there’s a thing to note that now a lot of “punk” pieces of clothing are really fuckin expensive but like. as a very very working class person the one thing my mother always stressed to me was to buy shit that lasts because then you’re not spending twenty dollars on a new pair of boots/new jacket/whatever every six months.


1:40pm April 17, 2014


Cursum | Baby Stroller by Sjöblom

'Believe it or not, there are still large portions of the population that are surprised that people with disabilities have babies. They may even be surprised that wheelchair users who have babies want to go on walks or run errands with their babies with them.'

A design made in conversation with wheelchair users, really intuitive. The stroller can be lifted over curbs and stand alone when needed.

2:18am April 17, 2014

I am really craving olive garden breadsticks right now

which would be fine except that the nearest olive garden is not in this town

i dont currently have a car to use

and its two in the morning

11:24pm April 16, 2014


MY INTRODUCTORY SENTENCE FOR MY TEXTUAL ANALYSIS PAPER READS “Teenage rebellion is so common a theme in modern society that it’s almost expected of young adults to sneak out of their rooms after dark, go to parties in abandoned houses, yell about how their parents just don’t understand them, and some other fourth thing.” AND I DIDNT EDIT OUTTTHE “SOME OTHER FOURTH THING” IN MY FINAL DRAFT OH MY GOD

11:08pm April 16, 2014

Pastel Bat Bow


Pastel Bat Bow


11:07pm April 16, 2014

Ok but this song has been stuck in my head forever and I’ve basically been listening to it on repeat since Monday.

It’s weird because it makes me think of my dad (who first showed me the song monday evening), good cop/bad cop from the lego movie, and this one cute babe I almost dated.


10:47pm April 16, 2014

monster/human relationships are very important to me and i want to make a post about why but the explanation is a little nsfw so idk

6:20pm April 16, 2014


i was trying to come up with some new alternative episode titles and i realized that some of them seem to have sort of a… common theme